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Release Date:

Late 2022



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Sexy girl drawing


Red Rust is retro-style sidescrolling game which uniquely combines fighting mechanics  with shooting mechanics. The game is heavily inspired by 8bit and 16bit hits of the 90s, but it’s being developed with the modern player in mind. We put emphasis on story and visual presentation.

It's the year 1984 and you control Agent Red (or just Red), a soviet KGB officer who has been sent to the West on a secret mission. She is an attractive but brutal and cold hearted girl! Over the course of the game she learns to understand her own emotions and the unfamiliar world around her. 

Red Rust is only several hours long, but it is packed with boss battles, huge mechanical beasts, crazy plot twists and lots of fighting.

You are in!

Red Rust Game


Will Red Rust be published on platforms other than PC?


We would like to see the game on consoles very much, but we can’t make such a promise yet.


Will there be multiplayer mode?


No, Red Rust is a single player game. It tells the story of agent Red and multiplayer mode simply doesn’t


How long is the game?


We are not going for length, our goal is to make sure the experience is dense and memorable. Red Rust should provide a player with several hours of high quality action!


Will there be a physical release?


Again we would like that very much, but for now we are focusing on digital release. 


• Solid gameplay with very responsive controls!
• Powerful  soundtrack!
• Combination of sidescrolling arcade fighting and shooting!
• Epic battles with monstrous bosses!
• Engaging story, sympathetic characters and well written dialogs!
• Great 3D and 2D animation!
• Variety of gameplay situations!

Animation Trailer

Core Team

We are a team located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Alex Yaremchuk

Alex is the primary game designer and also the art director of the project. He has been working in games for the past 15 years.  Now he puts all his experience to good use designing Red Rust.

Roman Yaremchuk

The lead programmer of Red Rust and an assistant designer. Roman is smart with game engines and he’s currently busy bending Unity engine to his will.

Olga Bekreeva

Olga handles 3D sculpting and modeling. She’s a very talented sculpture and experienced doll maker, and in addition to 3D modeling she also does Red Rust themed figurines using 3D printing.

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